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Traveling around London can be frustrating at the best of the times, with rush hour crowds overpopulating the trains and buses on a regular basis. With this in mind itís highly recommended to plan well ahead and leave with plenty of time during the 2012 Olympics that are fast approaching. Despite how busy the travel systems can get in London, one great thing is that there are so many ways of getting around, and everything will be running a faster, more frequent and extremely optimized service for this special event. The main Olympic venue will be in Stratford, East London, and East London has some special travel options too. The DLR (Docklands Light Railway) is a novel experience, much like a life-size toy train, automatically navigating its way along the tracks between Canary Wharf and Stratford without a driver. Itís above ground too, which means you get a pretty cool view through the large windows, and at the same price as the tube itís a fun and relatively cheap way of getting around East London.
The river is an interesting and refreshing way of traveling too, and services are being supplied specially for the 2012 Olympics. Thereíll be river boats trawling up and down between Central and East London, getting you around in an entirely unique and throughly enjoyable manner. Oyster cards can once again be used, meaning you donít have to worry about purchasing tickets, and a trip down the River Thames could well be the highlight of your day!
Whichever route you choose youíre sure to find something exciting about it, with all of London offering novel, landmark and iconic sights and transportation options for you to enjoy - and lets face it, the greatest city in the world wouldnít be great if it wasnít busy! Just remember you need to allow extra time for travel simply to compensate for delays so that youíre not rushing and youíll find travel to be enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons, delivering you to the Olympic Games in style every time.

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