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Tickets for the 2012 Olympics are only available from official London 2012 sales channels. The pricing of tickets begins at £20, £16 for senior citizens and students, and varies according to the sport and venue you want to attend. Tickets go as high as £725 for the medal level games of many of the sports.If you have applied for tickets, you will be notified by 24 June 2011 as to whether you have been successful or not. Each ticket for a Games event in London or at an outside London venue, receive a one day Games travelcard for the day of the event along with their event ticket. This special travelcard will enble you to travel within the zones 1 to 9 in London and by National Rail between London and the recommended stations for some venues outside London.

  • Donít worry, if you havenít already got your application in for the lottery in hopes to win a chance to attend the games in person, thereís always tons of television coverage to keep you busy for the upcoming 2012 Olympics.
  • Not to mention, London promises that the atmosphere in the city is going to that of an ongoing festival, filled with great fun and excitement, even if you canít get inside to see the games.

    Paralympic Tickets

    You can apply for tickets to the London 2012 Paralympic Games between the 9th of September 2011 and the 30th of September 2011.

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