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London 2012 Paralympic Games

The Paralympic Games are held along with the Olympic Games every four years.

The venue is the same as that for the Olympic Games. “Para” means “alongside” in Greek which explains why it is called so. The Paralympic Games came into play in 1948. These are for encouraging disabled sport people to not give up on their game. The idea of introducing Paralympic Games was introduced by Sir Ludwig Guttmann in 1944. Sir Ludwig Guttmann was a doctor who had treated many injured war veterans and wanted to motivate them to not give up on their dreams. The first Paralympic event to be held was wheelchair games in Buckinghamshire. The event gained a lot of popularity and disabled people from all over the world started to take a keen interest. Over thousand disabled athletics from over 41 countries came to take part in 14 sporting events by 1984.

Once these events gained popularity, they were conducted alongside the Olympic Games. The Paralympic Olympics was conducted in a different venue because of the use of special equipment for the athletes. However, since 1988, the venues for both have been the same including the use of the same stadiums and sporting facilities.

The 2012 Paralympic Olympics is scheduled to take place in the Olympic Park in London. The Paralympic Olympics will start on 29 August 2012. There are 20 different sporting events that will take place for disabled athletes.

Paralympic Rowing


Paralympic Powerlifting